I’m not sure where September went, but I do know there’s nothing I can do about it. So as you pass pumpkins and scarecrows on doorsteps and the urge to crack open that Halloween candy before you can give it away, here are some real estate headlines to keep you in the know:

The Orange County Register tries to answer the question of will Congress extend mortgage relief?

Frontdoor.com has a list of 10 post home purchase musts.

For those Hawaii 5-0 fans, here’s the house where Steve McGarrett lives.

Business Insider warns that lowballing the price of your home won’t guarantee a quicker sale.

Matthew Modine decides to narrate his own listing video to sell his home in Chelsea.

Is a complex geodesic dome (image above) the future of housing? (In case you’re wondering geodesic means having to deal with the geometry of curved surfaces…I didn’t know what it meant either.)

And finally, these small towns are showing big gains in home prices.


Image courtesy of MyModernMet.