costaricahome 300x225 Real Estate Headlines for Middle of July

How’s this for a view from your pool?

Heat advisories are in full effect. Vacation trips are commencing. And chances are you’re thinking that you need a pool in your backyard or at least a close neighbor that has one. All signs that it’s the middle of July. Here are some hot and muggy headlines to fit the occasion.

Apparently Celine Dion is selling a private island for just under $30 million. Rumor has it she’s ignoring the power of love in exchange for the power of the bank account.

San Francisco is seeing a real estate trend in micro apartments.

Is Instagram real estate’s next frontier? Maybe.

CBS News wonders if housing will rescue the U.S. economy?

In case you missed it, with the 2012 Comic-Con just concluding here are some Comic-Con inspired items for your home.

And finally, this home in Costa Rica has possibly one of the most ridiculously gorgeous views (and pool) that I’ve ever  seen.