This is always the longest week for any football fan. By the time Friday comes you’ve had enough of the speculation, interviews and human interest stories and are just ready for the big game. In honor of the 49ers and Ravens facing off our header image honors one of the most famous catches of all time. And yes I know this was in the NFC championship game. But enough Big Gamel talk, to help entertain your minds until Sunday rolls around, here are this week’s real estate headlines:

The only thing crazier in Silicon Valley than Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs is apparently the housing market.

The Wall Street Journal has 6 forecasters who got things right in 2012.

Apparently the Clintons are shopping for a new house in the Hamptons. No word yet if Hillary wants a white one.

Can we ever really get enough of Vanilla Ice? I don’t think so either. Here is Mr. Ice Ice Baby on Fox News talking about how he got into flipping houses.

CNBC thinks the feds “fixer upper” loan will help tidy up foreclosures.

Yahoo! has 3 things home buyers should know about today’s sellers. I checked and their take on the Manti Te’o drama is not one of the things.

Think it’s expensive to buy a place in New York, LA or Chicago? Try moving to China.

Kiplinger has some simple steps for college students and those new to the workforce looking to rent a home.

And finally, for the crazy cat lady in your life, how about a home designed more for your favorite feline than for you?


Header image courtesy of Flickr user cliff1066™