439609364 ea73ae5688 n Real Estate Headlines for the Almost End of July

Mark Wahlberg is selling his Beverly Hills estate.

July is almost over? Before the dog days of August set in and the back to school notices start piling up, here are some real estate headlines to keep you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of housing:

Want a rooftop garden? LXTV Open House has a video with tips on creating your own urban oasis.

FrontDoor has a list of the top 10 home selling mistakes that can cost you.

CNBC asks, “Is the the 30 year fixed mortgage headed to 3 percent?”

Can you get “points” for buying a home? Realty Perks would like to think so.

Mark Wahlberg has room for your entire Entourage in his Beverly Hills estate.

Wall Street’s hottest investment idea? Your home.

Stylelite.com has a slideshow of 10 most outrageously luxurious homes of fashion designers.

For those with limited space, how could you not love this miniature kitchen?


Image courtesy of Flickr user SPakhrin