katyperry Real Estate Headlines for the End of July and Start of August

Own a part of Katy Perry’s kingdom. Her penthouse is for sale.

How on earth is there only one month left of summer? This is ridiculous. As you catch up with the reality that summer vacation is almost over, try and bask in the fact that there’s still a full month left before Labor Day. And while dwelling on that thought, here are some real estate headlines for you:

California girl, Katy Perry, is selling her penthouse in Tribeca.

Here’s a list of the ultra-luxurious, mega-properties that are currently for sale in the United States.

FrontDoor.com has 4 updates for home sellers that are on a tight budget.

MSN Real Estate has a feature on the coolest homes of athletes. I know I’m biased, but I do like David Wright’s place. Rafael Furcal’s place is pretty nice too.

Can your dried out brown lawn get new life with green paint? AOL Real Estate thinks so.

And finally, want to see the “house of the year” in Australia? It’s a shearer’s shed and retreat for farmers.


Image provided by by oouinouin