August is almost here and much of the country will be sending the kiddos off to school. NFL Training Camps are underway, and the commute to work feels just a bit lighter as vacation time starts getting used more often. But before we kiss July goodbye, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

San Antonio, Texas tops the list of 15 cities where home prices are soaring.

Here’s an interesting list of 5 tips to survive house hunting burn-out.

Are you following the wrong housing indicators?

World of Psychology asks: Can you find mental health and happiness in a home?

The Grindstone argues that millenials who are still living at home aren’t moochers, but realists.

An 11 year-old girl’s letter appears to have helped her family land a home against multiple offers.

The Huffington Post declares housing is the first rung on the “ladder of opportunity.”

Evidently trailer parks are now called “tiny house hotels.”

Cuba is slowly becoming a capitalist hot bed for real estate.

And finally, here are a bunch of front doors that make a great first impression.