Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of Autumn

Farewell Heisenberg. So long Walter. Later Skyler. Deuces Jesse. Whether or not you’re a die hard fan or have never seen the show, chances are someone nearby today is talking about the finale of AMC’s series Breaking Bad. You know…the show with the dad from Malcolm in the Middle in it. Anyway, as we say goodbye to the show based in Albuquerque, New Mexico let’s first get through your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

The first day of fall has come. Leaves will soon be falling. Sweaters will be removed from those air tight bags in the back of the closet. The evenings will get darker a little bit quicker. And playoff baseball will soon be upon us. Welcome to the wonderful world of fall, but before you succumb to your urge to carve a pumpkin here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Our post on the home of Walter White from Breaking Bad has gotten a ton of attention this week. If you missed it, click here to give it a read.

Comedy genius Bob Hope has his home up for sale for a cool $27.5 million.

Here are 4 reasons to buy a home in 2013 and not wait until 2014.

Gen Y is the most upbeat about property prices…in Australia.

Think you spent a lot of money this weekend? A Middle East buyer just went on a $40 million Vancouver property spending spree.

Home inspection for sellers? AOL Real Estate shares why it’s worth it.

One history buff lives in a Victorian home and owns a medieval castle that he turned into a winery.

Here are 5 seriously interesting and unusual real estate listings from Canada this year.


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