Winter and Spring are still battling it out for control of the temperature as April rolls in. While we cross our fingers for minimal April showers and more warm weather, here are some hot real estate headlines to hold you over.

A $6.2 million apartment for a 2-year-old? Such is NYC’s luxury housing market.

When it comes to rising housing prices, no country in the world beats Brazil.

Christmas lights still up in April?! Find out which celeb is irking her neighbors with her holiday lights.

Business Insider wrote about A Man Who Bought Nearly 200 Foreclosed Homes to Save His Hometown from Ruin

Are you a hater of housework? Houselogic suggests an attitude adjustment.

Baseball season kicked off this week and a new study examines How Baseball Stadiums Drive Housing Costs

The New York Times located a slice of London, called the “Nuts Area”, so exclusive even the homeowners are visitors. 

There are 9 common mistakes homeowners make on their taxes. Tax day is right around the corner, take a look and avoid them.

And finally, you may be surprised by the location of the classic French mega-mansion pictured above.