Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of September

Contemporary homework space design by Sydney Interior Designer Kristie Paul

Back to school. College football. Ridiculously good sales. And the start of the NFL season. Add that all up and it must be the first week of September. As we adjust to our post Labor Day schedules, here are some real estate headlines to start your unofficial first week of the end of summer.

AOL Real Estate has 10 homes that break the fashion rule of no white after Labor Day.

Here’s an article about how adding a small home on your existing property can be both cost effective and beneficial.

Is your front door a true expression of your home? Stylist has some ideas for front door color palettes to match your style.

Luxury real estate prices reach an all time high.

Really interesting house in Japan that has been built to capture natural light and allow it to reach all corners of the home.

Houzz has a look at 8 homework areas to make back-to-school rock.

Can sustainable housing be built with air purifier solutions?

A website dedicated to saving you money on home furnishing? No, it’s not Ikea.

CasaSugar has some Instagram inspired ways to decorate your walls.

And finally if you’re looking to get shocked, see what $2 million gets you for a home in Silicon Valley.

Image courtesy of Houzz