hauntedhouse 300x225 Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week in September

Is Halloween the best time to sell a haunted house?

My neighborhood has already started taking out the ghosts and pumpkins of Halloween. September is on it’s last leg and my favorite month is almost here. (Full disclosure: my birthday is in October) So as autumn arrives in all its color, here are some real estate headlines to start off this last week in September.

KCM Blog wants to remind those that declare the real estate market dead that 13,780 homes sold yesterday and another 13,780 will sell today and tomorrow.

Realty Times thinks that jobs are the key to a true housing recovery.

Looking for the most expensive city for billionaire homes? It’s Hong Kong.

EcoHome Magazine hands out awards for green homes that are also beautifully designed.

And finally, just in time for the Halloween seasons, HGTV Frontdoor has some tips for those looking to sell a haunted house.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Sean MacEntee