While the Thanksgiving leftovers slowly disappear from your fridge, you’re probably turning your attention to the bevy of holidays that are still to come. As you  prep your home for the holidays, here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

VeteransUnited.com thinks the housing market brightens as prices and sales rise.

In Detroit, they’re turning shipping containers into condos, and they look pretty awesome. (image above)

Researchers have discovered the psychological reason that people like to invest in housing.

Take a look at these 10 ridiculously tiny houses.

Forbes tries to predict the future effects of today’s low mortgage rates.

Is investing in a mobile home park a good idea?

Real Simple has a way to solve 19 of the most common kitchen cleanup conundrums.

And finally, here are some celebrity kitchens that will make you want to cook. I’m partial to Justin Timberlake’s and Jessica Biel’s.