Trick or treat. The most popular question that no one ever expects a verbal answer to. Halloween awaits us this week and whether you are a ghost, a ghoul or Grover Cleveland for All Hallows Eve this year you’re going to need your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Forbes thinks the recent trends in housing signal a bright future.

RISMedia has a good list of common closing costs when closing on a home.

You may want to look at this list of 3 things to know before you rent out your home.

The LA Times doesn’t think there’ll be changes to housing tax breaks any time soon.

One street in London tells the story of an insane housing boom.

AOL Real Estate has some tips on how to make a cross-country move go smoothly.

Owning a set of ancient books and sleeping on a platform bed are just a few of the ways to monster proof your house.

The Huffington Post shares how emotions drive the real estate market.

Reality TV vs. Reality Real Estate. KCM blog breaks down the difference in an interesting infographic.

Have you seen the ultimate zombie proof house?

And finally, check out this amazing remodel of a 600 sq. ft. home from the 1950′s.