388659531 b46f78fa97 n Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of August

Would you want cabinets that obey you?

Back to school commercials are already on TV. That last vacation is almost upon you. Yes, it’s the middle of August and you’re probably sweating wherever you’re reading this. To cool the mind and keep you in the know, here are the latest real estate headlines:

Would you want cabinets that obey you? Here are some high tech cabinets that respond to movement and vocal commands.

Frontdoor.com has 10 ways to increase the value of your home.

Real Simple has a list of 9 decluttering secrets to simplify your home.

You know that deck/patio furniture? How’d you like to have similar style indoors?

Check out some of these amazingly awesome DIY kitchen updates on Houzz.

CasaSugar.com has 11 desk designs to fit your study style.

And finally, the perfect post for the middle of August: 10 products to keep you cool in a heat wave.


Image courtesy of Flickr user  palindrome6996