The middle of January can be pretty bleak but this week we had a Presidential Inauguration, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and for the first time ever there will be brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl. As if this week couldn’t get any more exciting, here are some fresh real estate headlines for you:

Buy a home with no money down? MSN thinks it’s possible.

2012 preliminary housing stats are in. Calculated Risk reports home sales up 9%.

Did you know Warren Buffett still lives in home he purchased for $31,500? (image above)

Realty Times tries to answer the question: What are the financial implications of transferring home ownership?

This is a great story out of Australia: Housing help gives single mothers the joy of stability.

Have you heard about 3D printers? Well evidently someone is creating a 3D printed house.

U.S. housing starts jump 12/1% in December, biggest increase since 2008.

And finally, The Guardian has an interesting piece on how social housing should build a future for our young people.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia