Buzzer beaters, hints of spring and the loss of an hour of sleep all signal it’s the middle of March. While you wait for the buds to bloom and prepare for the upcoming college basketball madness, here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

A new study shows that renting a home is more likely to turn a renter into a buyer.

The OC Register has 5 mythbusters for underwater homeowners.

USAToday reports that homes for sale still remain in low supply.

In the past “going green” has meant putting out a ton of money, has some real solutions for making your home more green at any budget.

Here are the top 10 tax deductions for rental property owners.

File this under bizarre: Florida man lives with 2,000 Barbie dolls in his home. (video above)

AOL has a list of the 10 most expensive housing markets in the world.

And finally, apparently in China couples who own homes are getting divorced just to avoid the taxman.