Your homes are probably getting a little bit brighter this week. Sun is out when you wake up. Trees are starting to bud. You now have to deal with mowing your lawn. And finally your allergies are flaring up. Welcome to spring! While it’s official welcome was a few weeks ago by now everyone across the country is getting a taste of it. Now what goes perfectly with a spring day? Your weekly real estate headlines of course:

Hogwarts, the fictional school for wizards in the Harry Potter series, has just been valued at over $204 million. And yes, Moaning Myrtle and the Room of Requirement are included in that estimate.

A-Rod may not be playing baseball any time soon and that might be because he’s too busy trying to sell his $38 million home.

Thinking of buying a house in China? Here’s a handy FAQ for you.

AP has 6 key considerations when applying for a mortgage.

Here are tips for a successful green home design.

KCM blog wants to give you 3 reasons to sell your home today.

A woman in England is demanding a new home after her current home was possessed by a ghost named Nigel. No word on whether they were ok with a ghost named Casper.

These are some pretty incredible and affordable bamboo homes in Vietnam.

And finally, check out this Canadian home that was built with sand, cans, and tires.


Image courtesy of Flickr user jtkays