mixed use housing Real Estate Headlines for the the Almost End of AprilThe NBA Playoffs have begun. The NHL playoffs are right behind them. Baseball games are now being played in somewhat reasonable temperatures across the country. And you’re now starting to see those helpful Mother’s Day reminder ads. Oh yeah and it’s Earth Day! Yes, it’s almost the end of April. While you debate about whether you need to buy mulch for your landscaping, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Is this the greenest house in the world? It’s located on a sparsely populated Scottish island.

Here’s an interesting thought: Is a home the new engagement ring?

How about a healthy, inexpensive and environmentally place to live? Don’t overlook the potential of the trailer park. Seriously…someone wrote about this. 

So there’s Wife Swap but what about Home Swap? Not a reality show, but a reality that an ABC news report thinks is coming very quickly between baby boomer parents and their children.

Wall Street is apparently betting billions on single family homes in distressed markets according to the Washington Post.

A $6,400 toilet that can act as your home’s media center? Man that would make potty training so much more manageable in my house. (video above)

What’s the latest housing trend in Britain? Bungalows.

And finally, how about the concept of mixed-use housing? Buildings created with residences above and businesses below. Evolo.us has some ideas. (image above)

This would be amazing for homes in areas that flood often: a bamboo house that floats on oil drums.