You may be at work today, but part of your mind is already thinking about presents, food and activities planned over the next few weeks. Or is it just me? In either case, we’ll try and keep you focused on what’s going on in real estate with this week’s headlines:

The Mercury News reports about “boomerang” home buyers who are bouncing back from foreclosure.

The Wall Street Journal tries to answer the age old real estate question: “Should I Sell My Home During the Holidays?

The trend of green home building and remodeling is no longer a rarity.

AOL Real Estate has a list of the 12 hottest real estate markets on earth. Next year they plan to include the entire galaxy.

This is possibly the most decorated holiday home I’ve seen since National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. (image above)

The New York Times looks at some people who have truly found the home of their dreams.

It seems every week I have another link about a trend in tiny house. This week take a look at 11 tiny houses with huge style.

Apparently Whirlpool is banking on an upswing in housing to increase sales. Make sense…and now I think I need a new dishwasher.

And finally, I love this slideshow from Dwell that shows some incredible custom places that people have built to match their needs and their dreams.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user MSVG