While summer doesn’t officially arrive until June, Memorial Day acts as the unofficial kickoff to those summer days. While we are still seven days away from Memorial Day, this is the week that your home starts to transform as you prep for the potential pending BBQ or bringing the outdoor furniture up from the basement. So while you start thinking about all the stuff you have to do this week, let’s ease you into the Memorial Day mood with your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Tom Cruise is rumored to be selling his Greenwich Village townhouse in NYC.

KCM Blog has a really interesting infographic showing the economic impact of a home sale across the country.

Mortgage rates look to be trending upward.

Think owning a Frank Lloyd Wright home would be pretty great? The Wall Street Journal shares the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a home made by a legend.

This is pretty cool: Use an old bathtub to turn your backyard into a soothing oasis.

About.com has some tips on how to avoid home buyer’s remorse.

Here’s an interesting study on how age and personal finance affect your home preference.

Check out a map that show where home prices have increased since 2009.

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