Thoughts and prayers are with those on the East Coast today. As I type this I have a front row seat to the wind and rain battering my home and I hope you and yours are safe and sound. For those not worried about the weather, here are some real estate headlines:

NPR has a great piece on Why Housing Matters, Economically.

Fox News tries to answer the age old question: How do you choose the right real estate agent?

Take a look inside a home that replaced Walt Disney’s former estate.

A Vancouver man is planning to make a van his home for the next year. Please tell me it’s down by the river…

Claustrophobics turn away. Here’s a look a the world’s narrowest home. Only 36 inches wide at its narrowest point. Take a look at the video above.

For those who’ve been delaying, here are some last minute home decor ideas for Halloween.

And finally, who doesn’t love eating in front of the TV? Well, Houzz has some design concepts that add a little sophistication and style to the TV dinner scenario.