Real Estate Headlines with Indoor Playgrounds, Dad Advice and Airbnb

Other headlines include a record number of renters, the hottest market in the US is in Texas and how the gay marriage vote will impact housing.

June is coming to a close and summer is officially in full swing. Longer days. Hotter nights. And there’s a tag line for a new Baywatch series reboot. Sorry about that. Before I dig a deeper ditch in which I need to crawl out of, let’s just get to your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

When it comes to property owners in India, there’s no place like a second home.

Designs has as much to do with green homes as anything else.

Are debt and low inventory preventing a housing boom?

Fast Company has a map showing how out of reach a 2 bedroom apartment is in every state.

This is awesome: Homes that Bring the Playground Indoors.

Guess who is spending more than 30% of their income on rent? Answer: a record number of Americans.

Huffington Post shares some classic “Dad” advice for those living in their first place on their own.

Who’s got the hottest housing market in the US? No, surprise the heat is on in Texas.

Is Airbnb inflating the housing crisis in Vancouver?

Millenials are just like every other generation when it comes to home renovations.

What are the 50 most competitive housing markets of 2015?

Would you believe that London is at the forefront of housing design?

And finally, HousingWire reports on how the recent gay marriage decision will improve housing.

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  1. Dan Gustafson
    July 9, 2015

    The rent affordability issue continues to spiral out of control! Only those with safe secure high paying jobs will be able to afford housing. It’s even tougher in areas that are have higher priced homes and apartments versus metropolitan averages.


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