Hollywood’s annual night to honor itself has come and gone. There were some surprises, but some winners were expected. As awards season comes to a close, we’re dedicated this week’s real estate to headlines to feature home related stories from the 2013 Oscar nominees:

Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t even nominated this year, although he deserved to be, but despicable character, Calvin Candie, certainly has a nice home. So nice it’s even a historic landmark.

Les Miserables is probably one of the most depressing stories ever told, but that chorus line medley during the Oscars last night was pretty uplifting. In spite of it’s sad tale we think Les Miserables might be the most home-centric musical of all time.

With The Hobbit being turned into 3 movies, we’re pretty sure there are more Oscar nominations in its future. Here’s our tour through two of the incredible homes featured in The Hobbit: The Shire and Rivendell.

Oh Daniel Day Lewis has quite the life. Makes a movie once every five years and then proceeds to win an Oscar for it. We’re not sure where he’s going to put his Oscar, but the real Lincoln could find a spot in one of his famous homes.

Silver Linings Playbook has become the darling of Hollywood with its unique and lovable storyline. But there’s an even better story about the home used for newly crowned Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the film.

How great was Adele’s rendition of Skyfall during the Oscars last night? Incredible, right? Skyfall is actually the first song that’s actually the name of a home to win an Oscar. Here’s our look at the home that made Bond…James Bond.

Moonrise Kingdom might be the most underrated film nominated for an Oscar. While its story may be understated the home designs used throughout Moonrise Kingdom are certainly memorable.

And finally how about Argo? Fantastic movie. Great acceptance speech by Ben Affleck where he payed homage to the man who lived the film in real life, Tony Mendez. We’re happy Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture because we think it’s one of the greatest homecomings of all time.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user Dave_B_