Real Estate Headlines with Vertical Gardens, Mansionization and Emojis

Other headlines include a real estate renaissance in Philly, a structure built like a glass slipper and how to move to Canada.

Is that spring I feel? You feel it too? Oh the thought of winter leaving and March Madness approaching is almost as good as this weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Where are you most likely to find property description that contains the phrase “vertical garden?”

Here are 5 things to consider if you want to remodel your home for multigenerational living.

What’s the new look in luxury real estate? How about art-friendly spaces.

Is Philadelphia primed to experience the next real estate boom?

A real estate listing was created for the White House, but it was comprised entirely of emojis.

Thinking of moving to Canada? Here are 10 great housing deals available with our neighbors to the north.

What is mansionization?

Yes, I do want to see 5 homes with secret passages.

And finally, while it’s not a traditional home, a house of worship is about to open in Taiwan that is the shape of a glass slipper. Yes, this Cinderella story is absolutely true.

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