thingcharger Shut Up and Take My Money Because I Need thingCHARGER in My HomeFile this under the “why didn’t I think of that” file because thingCHARGER is so simple, it’s genius. If your kitchen is anything like mine, you probably have a dozen different things plugged into your outlets. You’ve got a couple of phone chargers, tablet chargers, possibly a wireless speaker, a mixer, a clock, a coffee maker and a few other things that have to be plugged in at any given time.

Our homes are turning into webs. Webs of power cords. That’s where thingCHARGER looks to simplify your home’s counter tops and outlets across your living space. It’s basically a neat charging station that removes the need for those ugly power cords.

I would write more to explain, but once you see the video above you’ll instantly get it. It’s genius, and I must have one. Possibly two.

For more info, visit for ordering details.