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Best Dallas Neighborhoods for a True Football Fan

Wherever you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, chances are you will find enthusiastic football fans who are ready to support local high school teams, their favorite college players and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

November 18 / 2013

Beginning a Block Party Tradition in Dallas-Fort Worth

Social activities such as block parties that bring neighbors together for a cause, or just for fun, are a great way to begin a tradition in residential subdivisions. If you spearhead planning for such an event, just be sure to check with city officials.

November 08 / 2013

Important Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

You have fallen in love with a house. It’s a nice neighborhood; the price is right. You have your loan pre-qualification in place. Is it time to sign the offer? First, you should be sure you have satisfactory answers to some important questions.

October 22 / 2013

Home Improvement Ideas with Bang for the Buck in Dallas-Fort Worth

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are some home improvement ideas that offer big bang for your buck. If you plan well before beginning a project, you should be able to realize a substantial return while enjoying the benefits of the update.

September 03 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Lack of Central Air Conditioning Is Not Necessarily a Reason to Pass on a House

In Texas today, central air conditioning is considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Is it possible to add it economically to an older home so that it will function effectively? There are factors to consider, but the simple answer is “Yes.”

August 26 / 2013

A Lawn Sprinkler System Beautifies the Yard, Conserves Water, and Simplifies Home Maintenance

Lawn sprinkler systems and drip irrigation save water and labor, helping home owners achieve attractive landscaping results. The benefits far outweigh the costs, and maintenance should not be an issue.

Utilize Various Landscape Techniques to Add Color, Provide Shade, Enhance Property, and Conserve Water

In North Texas, when the summer sun brings its triple-digit temperatures, the garden may require some special handling. Careful planning will use plants that will not only thrive in the local summer heat but transition to the cooler seasons as well.

August 26 / 2013

New Construction or Existing Home? In Dallas/Fort Worth, Each Has Definite Appeal

With so many choices for housing available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, what’s a buyer to do? Current market conditions are strong; homes, both new and old, are selling quickly and prices are rising. In the end, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Rustic Design Elements Enhance Comfort in Any Decorating Scheme

Making a home your own always involves building a sense of history. Incorporating touches of rustic design, small bits of your personal past, or relics of a distant era or a foreign place can help establish that necessary sense of belonging.

Texas Ranch Home Decorating Relies on Time-Honored Traditions to Provide Comfort and Style

istorically, a Texas ranch home provided comfort and shelter from the elements in a sometimes harsh and inhospitable land. The home itself was most likely constructed of stone and native materials, such as rough-hewn lumber and found objects.