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A Genius Idea for Removing Snow From Your Driveaway

Reduce the time it takes to shovel your driveway with this awesome DIY project

January 03 / 2014

The Gas Free Snow Blower for Your Winter Driveway

The white giant of winter is not so far away for much of us who don’t live in the South or Southwest portions of the U.S. But for those who live in the great north, dealing with snow is always in the back of homeowner’s minds. Snow blowers are a precious commodity for those who must plow their way through much of the winter months, but there’s always the hassle of getting gas for the blower or getting it to start…until now.

October 18 / 2013
Author David Marine
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We Believe in Father’s Day

Here’s to dad and all the magical things that come with him.

June 14 / 2013

The 10 Home Remodeling Projects You Should Not DIY

We often suggest easy and affordable ways to upgrade and decorate your home. In the past we have includes posts that included Save Money On Home Improvements, Small Upgrades that Go a Long Way and Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space. However, not all upgrades and remodeling projects are safe for you to do on your own. Stylist Home created a great top 10 list for remodeling projects that are better left to a professional.

July 24 / 2012

Here’s to Driveways

When you look for a home chances are the driveway isn’t at the forefront of your mind. But I think when you look back at your childhood and even today you might be surprised to see just how many memories of home happen on the driveway. To test my theory I posted a question to my social circle on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share their favorite driveway memory. The response were entertaining to say the least.

April 17 / 2012