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Secrets to Buying Your First Home

The basics of looking for your first home are an often discussed item within real estate circles. I should know because we dedicated a whole week to it. But as any experience homeowner or real estate professional will tell you, there’s always more that can be learned to prepare you for buying that first home.

Condo or Townhouse: What Is the Difference?

Philadelphia is one of those unique cities where you can drive around for just 15 minutes and see a wide variety of different housing styles in that short span, from single family row homes in West Philly on to large sprawling houses on the mainline.

June 14 / 2013
Author Louise Gaillard
Category Philadelphia
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May 13th-17th is First Time Home Buyers Week

There seems to be a week for everything these days, but very few of them prove to be valuable for more than just a week. So we at Coldwell Banker Real Estate thought it was about time someone did something about it specifically when it comes to real estate.

Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day! As you reflect on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria we have a collection of the latest real estate headlines for you: