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How To: Implement Zen Components into Your Home and Life

Today we’re featuring a home from coldwellbanker.com that truly doubles as a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Not only is its inside fabulous but its outdoor living area is really a work of art. Check out the photos below.

March 12 / 2014

How Music and Home Play So Well Together

Go ahead and think of a song about home. You probably thought of at least 3 or 4 right off the top of your head. While love is the most popular subject of singers and songwriters across the globe, the romantic idea of home is a close second.

March 10 / 2014
Author David Marine
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Your Home Is You

Your home is made of wood and nails. It’s made of doors and windows, but it’s more than that.

February 26 / 2014

The Loveliest Rooms You’ve Ever Seen

We think you will absolutely love these homes we picked for Valentine’s Day and invite you to share your own red/pink decor with us on Instagram. You can tag us with @coldwellbanker.

February 14 / 2014

Slideshow: Show Stealing Properties from Seattle and Denver

In light of hometowns and the BIG upcoming game, we thought it would be clever to construct a compilation of 10 beautiful properties from both Seattle and Denver.

Stardom Starts at Home for These Cutie Pies

The release of our brand new commercial ‘Home Sweet Home’ has us at Coldwell Banker thinking about all things music and home! Get a look at this absolutely adorable video of two little girls, Zoe and Maddie, singing their hearts out to “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen (Walt Disney Pictures).

January 24 / 2014

How a Father Built a Home With Only His Hands

By the title, you might imagine that I am about to tell you about the hard laboring, weathered hands of the man I call Daddy. You’re right. My father earned a living with his hands but not as a carpenter or builder, as you may think. He was, and still is to this day, a professional musician, singer and songwriter. He provided for our family by touring the east coast playing everywhere from fancy venues to seedy nightclubs. Music is his life and, in turn, the core of our family.

January 21 / 2014
Author David Marine
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For This CEO Home Truly Does Rock

No doubt we all believe home rocks, though the term is probably subject to individual interpretation. Most of us feel home rocks due to it being the place where we spend the most time with those we love, or perhaps it’s due to the sense of peace one may find in a world that’s constantly moving far too fast just beyond our front door. All, and more, are very true. But for me, the term may be a little more literal.

January 21 / 2014

Best Songs About Home in 2013: Homesick by Sheryl Crow

Today we continue the series and take a look at Sheryl Crow’s 2013 song, Homesick from her album Feels like Home .

January 16 / 2014

Homes from Grammy Nominee Hometowns

With the Super Bowl of music award shows airing in less than three weeks, we’ve noticed that many of this year’s Grammy nominees have strong ties to their hometowns. To commemorate the 56th annual Grammy Awards and the joy that music brings to our homes, let’s take a look at some homes from their old stomping grounds.