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How Music and Home Play So Well Together

Go ahead and think of a song about home. You probably thought of at least 3 or 4 right off the top of your head. While love is the most popular subject of singers and songwriters across the globe, the romantic idea of home is a close second.

March 10 / 2014
Author David Marine
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Home of the Week: A Home that ‘Rocks’ in Malibu

This $3,250,000 million dollar estate is the living embodiment of our #HomeRocks hashtag, in that it is a home literally made of rock!

Stardom Starts at Home for These Cutie Pies

The release of our brand new commercial ‘Home Sweet Home’ has us at Coldwell Banker thinking about all things music and home! Get a look at this absolutely adorable video of two little girls, Zoe and Maddie, singing their hearts out to “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen (Walt Disney Pictures).

January 24 / 2014

And the Winner of the 1st Ever #HomeRocks Award Is…

In anticipation of the upcoming GRAMMY Awards, we are excited to announce that “Take Me Home” by Midnight Red is the winner of the first ever #HomeRocks Award after receiving overwhelming support from fans and over 72,000 votes!

January 23 / 2014

There Is No Place Like Home Sweet Home

Inspiration can come from many places. Sometimes it happens when you are least expecting it. Recently on a business trip in Louisiana I found myself delayed at the airport, sure to miss my connecting flight. Now the last place I’d ever expect to find inspiration is an airport. But it happened. I’m sitting in the terminal on the phone with the airline, well not actually talking to anyone but rather listing to the most amazingly long automated phone queue I’ve ever experienced. Who ever designed this particular phone queue must have wrote algorithms for NASA. I digress.

January 22 / 2014

Best Songs About Home in 2013: Home Again by Elton John

Continuing in our series of posts highlighting songs nominated for the first ever Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Awards brings us to Home Again by Sir Elton John.

January 17 / 2014
Author David Marine
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Vote in the 1st Ever Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Award

Home and music. Music and home. The two certainly go together. Outside of love, my best guess is that more songs are written about home than anything else. There is something special about coming home after a long day, an exciting day, a great day or any other kind of day and letting music soothe or pump us up. Home is our special place and music makes it even better.