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Slideshow: Homes for a Tournament Cinderella

Every year like clockwork when the clock strikes for the start of March Madness, a Cinderella emerges. Gonzaga used to be the belle of the basketball ball, but now they’re a #1 seed. A titan that must be taken down. So who are the new Cinderellas? Well I think there are a few we will here from this weekend. Below is a look at some incredible places that could very well play home to this year’s Cinderella. Here are five homes in the college towns we think are most likely to make a move for an upset.

The Most Engaging Videos Are About Community

With over 25,000 videos having been uploaded this year to the Coldwell Banker On Location channel, we see a wide variety of ways that people interact and comment on videos. But one video stands out from the rest as possible the most talked about video that we have on youtube.com/coldwellbanker. It’s not controversial. It’s not a high profile video with big name talent. It’s not quirky. It doesn’t even involve a dog on a skateboard. It’s a video about Elkhart, Indiana.

December 01 / 2010