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4 Must-Have Innovative Cooking Gadgets for Summer

I know nothing about running a kitchen. In fact, I barely know where the various pots, pans and kitchenware go in the various drawers and cabinets within my home’s kitchen. But I do love me some gadgets, so even if they’re used for stuff that I don’t really know a whole lot about, I’m still intrigued.

5 Innovative Kitchen Shortcuts

The folks at eHow have put together 5 pretty awesome kitchen shortcuts to make your life at home just a little bit easier. And the best part is they did it in under 90 seconds.

March 06 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Valentine’s Day

Let this serve as a reminder for those of you who have yet to purchase something for your significant other. You’re welcome. And now for your weekly collection of real estate headlines:

February 11 / 2013

The Coldwell Banker Blue Matter 2012 Year in Review

Before 2013 comes to stay for 365 days, we wanted to look at what were the most viewed topics and content on our blog for 2012. The results are eclectic to say the least. Here are the the top 10 posts on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter for 2012:

How to Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

How to stay safe this holiday season when using a turkey fryer.

November 20 / 2012

Small DIY Updates Can Change the Look of Your Kitchen

Several small tasks that homeowners can complete themselves that can change the look and atmosphere of their kitchen.

November 12 / 2012

Can You Guess Which Celebrity Cooks Here?

This celebrities Beverly Hills home has an artisanal, Arts and Craft–like design aesthetic, thanks in part to the custom-made hanging glass display case that serves as storage for tableware.

November 08 / 2012
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Cooking With Your Dishwasher: Genius or Disgusting?

We understand wanting to avoid turning on the stove or oven during hot summer months and even suggested 20 No Cook Recipes for a Hot Summer Night earlier this year but this takes the cake for the most unusual method for keeping the kitchen cool that we have ever seen. So tell us…is this genius [...]

August 21 / 2012

The Refrigerator of the Future

Could this be where the future of refrigerators is heading?

August 17 / 2012

8 Must Have Totally Genius Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the central hub of a busy home and for many a room in the house where families spend hours cooking, eating and laughing together. I have yet to meet a homeowner who doesn’t have a kitchen upgrade wishlist and I have a feeling after seeing the photos below that list is going [...]

August 14 / 2012