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Get the Industrial Chic Look

Whether you live in a big city or a small rural town, the interior design craze that has taken off over the past few years has been the “industrial look”.

November 13 / 2012

Two of the Best Suburban Places to Live

This past month Coldwell Banker Real Estate released its latest study on the Best Places to Live for various types of people and focused this last one on those we refer to as Suburbanites.

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of October

October is half over and pretty soon your home’s doorbell will be ringing nonstop as Halloween approaches. As you start to turn your closets over with colder weather ahead, here are some real estate headlines to keep you up to speed:

October 15 / 2012

Discover the Hidden Gems of Beverly Hills

You know the zip code. You know the lifestyle. But there’s a lot you don’t know about 90210. Beverly Hills is one of those towns that has is a character unto itself. It’s a scene stealing backdrop to many a Hollywood film or TV series. But it’s also a place that many call home including Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent, Christophe Choo.

A Simple Living Room Makeover to Help a Home Sell

There’s probably one room in your house that you avoid having to deal with. Maybe it’s dated. Maybe it needs just a little attention. Whatever it is we’ve neglected it because it’s not a space we’re using on a regular basis

September 14 / 2012

Madison Hildebrand’s Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

By now you probably know Madison Hildebrand from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Malibu, California as he is the star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and a regular contributor on E!.

How to Sell Your Home During Cold Winter Months

Winter can feel like the longest months of the year, especially for someone selling their home. You’re dealing with holidays, potential weather issues and our general tendency to want to stay indoors when it’s cold outside (not applicable for those living in Southern California, Florida and Arizona).

February 22 / 2012

The Role of Lifestyle Trends in Searching for a Home

The video below is a segment we did with NBC’s LXTV Open House. If you’re not watching Open House on the weekends, you should absolutely check it out as it’s one of the freshest and interesting real estate programs out there. But anyway, Coldwell Banker Real Estate was the first real estate company to launch a lifestyle search feature on its website. We didn’t just do that to be cool and be the first (maybe that was part of it), but the main reason was because there’s a significant trend among real estate consumers that shows their lifestyle is a major player in the home or neighborhood they choose to live in.

October 13 / 2011

Real Estate Headlines for the Monday That Is More than Halfway thru September

It’s actually closer to October than it is to August. The time is flying and the leaves will soon be falling. That reminds me I need to get my gutters looked at. While I’m doing that here are some real estate headlines for this Monday morning:

September 19 / 2011

Real Estate Headlines for the Unofficial End of Summer

Labor Day is over. Kids with their backpacks and lunch boxes await the school bus. And so closes the book on another summer. Fitting that it is absolutely pouring out in New Jersey this morning as it makes you dwell less on another summer passing. But on the bright side we have a fresh set of real estate headlines for you:

September 06 / 2011