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Best Songs About Home in 2013: Almost Home by Mariah Carey

The energy behind the Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Awards is running high and we’re keeping the fun going by highlighting another nominee for best song about home in 2013 – “Almost Home,” by none other than the legendary, five time Grammy winner, Mariah Carey.

January 15 / 2014

Vote in the 1st Ever Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Award

Home and music. Music and home. The two certainly go together. Outside of love, my best guess is that more songs are written about home than anything else. There is something special about coming home after a long day, an exciting day, a great day or any other kind of day and letting music soothe or pump us up. Home is our special place and music makes it even better.

The Best Christmas Card in Real Estate

Your refrigerator may be getting more cluttered than usual this time of year as friends, family and acquaintances send you photo cards for the holidays that adorn your fridge door. Chances are you local real estate agent might also be sending you a card, a calendar or some gift to make you remember them. But I’m willing to bet none of you are getting a card like the one Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage agent, Jessica Edwards, is sending this year.