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The Bates Motel Home: The Scariest Movie Home of all Time?

Few homes in movie history are as utterly scary and nightmare inducing as Norman Bates’ home in Alfred Hitchock’s ‘Pyscho’. Join us for a short tour of one of the scariest movie homes of all time!

‘Finca Vigia’ – Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban Home

You can say a great many things about Ernest Hemingway: he was a gifted writer, extremely hot-tempered, passionate and maybe even a little bit crazy – but one thing is for certain, he sure had great taste in real estate. ‘Finca Vigia’, the home Hemingway & Gellhorn purchased together in 1939 is a classic Cuban home that sits atop a hillside just outside of Havana. See why the couple had great taste in real estate!