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Here’s to Summer…

In what has been a surprisingly chilly June by usual standards, the temperatures here in the Northeast are inching ever so closely to the hundred degree mark starting today. Yes my friends, summer is officially here! Admit it, since you were a kid there’s always been something extra special about summer that made you grin from ear [...]

Pierre Proves the Emotional Value of a Home

I learned so much about people through our recent work with Dr. Robi Ludwig, the noted psychotherapist who helped us understand what makes homeownership a part of who we are. Among other things, Dr. Robi described the human need to put down roots and our desire to be viable parts of a community. Our home provides emotional and psychological benefits that go far beyond financial returns. I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to Local Movie Theatres

The big Hollywood movie business is definitely still alive and well. Despite the thousands of TV channels, smartphones, iPads and the growing number of social networks that require dutiful checking; we still flock in great numbers to the movies each weekend to catch the latest blockbuster. This idea was driven home for me this past [...]

May 14 / 2012