The “Real” Differences Between...

Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and Maryland are all subject to real estate laws and practices — each with a different take on taxes, contracts, land uses, and many other smaller nuances that can...

How Smart Home Tech is Changing Real Estate

At Coldwell Banker Gen Blue, CNET Editor-in-Chief, Lindsey Turrentine, described how smart home tech is changing real estate. Here are highlights from her presentation.

What You Need to Know about August Housing Numbers

Home sales hit another high note; highlights from the latest housing report from the National Association of Realtors

How to Close Your Housing Deal Like a Pro

Follow these strategic tips to negotiate home buying and selling like an expert

Parents of Young Children are Leading the Smart...

A recent survey revealed that many parents with young kids are eager to adopt smart home technology. Here are answers to some common questions parents may have about smart home technology.

Market Spotlight: Miami

A close look at the Miami housing market and the strong influence Latin America has on it
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