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Top Grill Safety Tips for Summer

One of the highlights of summer is definitely gathering around the grill for some good ol’ fun and barbecue. While its certainly not hard to have a good time with family and friends around, the art of grilling can be quite complicated. To have a great summer, free of grill fires, here are some safety tips from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association that you might find interesting.

June 07 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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How to Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

How to stay safe this holiday season when using a turkey fryer.

November 20 / 2012

Read This Before Boiling Water to Heat Up Your Home

Many who are still without power and heat from Hurricane Sandy have been boiling water in pots on the stove to raise the temperature at home to stay warm. This may be an effective solution however there are serious dangers associated with this that are important to learn about.

November 07 / 2012

Fire Prevention Day: Facts and Lifesaving Safety Tips for Your Family

It’s easy and inexpensive to follow safety measures to avoid the causes of most home fires.

October 09 / 2012

Can a Safe Room Add Value to a Home?

By Pauline Hammerbeck, Allstate Guest blogger Pauline Hammerbeck is a content editor for The Allstate blog, which helps people prepare for the unpredictability of life. There are several things homeowners can do to add value to their houses; upgrading a kitchen or adding in a new bath are common projects that come to mind. But [...]

The 10 Home Remodeling Projects You Should Not DIY

We often suggest easy and affordable ways to upgrade and decorate your home. In the past we have includes posts that included Save Money On Home Improvements, Small Upgrades that Go a Long Way and Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space. However, not all upgrades and remodeling projects are safe for you to do on your own. Stylist Home created a great top 10 list for remodeling projects that are better left to a professional.

July 24 / 2012

Is that swimming pool safe? What homebuyers should know

By Allstate When an agent takes you to a home and slides open the patio door to reveal a backyard swimming pool, you’ll likely have one of two reactions: you’ll either conjure up images involving lazy Saturdays and margaritas, or you’ll stiffen up with thoughts about the pool safety implications. In either case, a swimming [...]

May 24 / 2012

How to Childproof Your Kitchen

The kitchen seems to always be the gathering place of choice in the home. And why wouldn’t it? There’s food there! As a father of three boys I can say from experience that the kids love to roam around in the kitchen and it’s one of the toughest rooms in a home to child proof.

September 13 / 2011
Author David Marine
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A Zombie Proof House

From The Walking Dead series on AMC to the popular casual game Plants vs. Zombies to the book Pride & Prejudice and Zombies (which is a great read by the way), the centuries old threat of Zombies is making a comeback. And one builder has prepared quite a home to protect those who feel that a zombie takeover may be an impending reality.

May 04 / 2011
Author David Marine
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