Staging for Success: Advice to Help Your Home...

To sell your home quickly, you must stage it in a way that showcases its strengths and make spaces attractive to prospective buyers. In honor of Coldwell Banker Home Staging Week, we asked some of...

Home Staging Secrets Revealed this Week

Home staging can be an effective and impactful way to make your home appeal to more potential homebuyers. Join us for a week of great tips and advice from professional home stager Talia Malizia.

Staging and Sprucing Up Your NYC Home for Sale

There's more to prepping your home for sale than staging. You've got to think of it as your home is going on its first and only date with a great mate. You can't just plop it in nice clothes; you've...

How Paint Can Transform A Home For Sale

Paint is an inexpensive and essential tool to transform almost any room in your home.

Tips for Staging and Updating a Bathroom

A bathroom update might be just what is needed to help your home for sale stand out.

Staging an Empty Home

How To Stage an Empty Home
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