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How to Not Pay Twice for Live TV in Your Vacation Home if You Have an iOS Device

Summer months are coming when you’ll start planning those trips to maybe that vacation home by the beach or on the lake or just away from it all. Sure we’d all like to say that we’re the intellectual types who don’t watch TV when we’re on vacation because we’re so busy enjoying nature or reading Ernest Hemminway, but let’s be honest with ourselves. On those rainy days or nights, sometimes you just want to kick back and watch a ball game or reruns of Seinfeld that you religiously DVR. Am I right?

April 23 / 2013

We Promise You’ve Never Seen a Pool Like This

You know that list you make every time you dream about hitting the lottery…you know the one. Not the one that includes paying off student loans, other debts and helping friends and family in need. It’s the fun one, meant for big dreams of lavish luxuries and gadgets that are only bought by people who [...]

Labor Day: A Transitional Time of Year at Home

Happy Labor Day everyone. It’s the greatest oxymoron of holidays. Most of us will take the day off on a day celebrating workers of the past and present. In any case, it’s not just a day off but also a time of transition at home.

September 03 / 2012
Author David Marine
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20 No Cook Recipes for a Hot Summer Night

Standing over a grill or stove on a hot summer night is no fun for anyone! Check out these easy, no cook recipes that will taste delicious and keep your home cool at the same time. Here are our favorite no cook recipes from salad to dessert:

July 13 / 2012
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Real Estate Headlines for the Week of the All Star Game

Welcome to the second week of July. This week boasts the annual summer classic, the MLB All Star Game, as well as the day following which is the slowest sports day of the year. So what better time to catch up with what’s going on in real estate? Here are your headlines.

July 09 / 2012

3 Easy Tips for Your Summer Yard

Many homeowners enjoy the summer because it allows them to get outdoors and plant flowers. I’m not one of them. But my wife certainly is so to keep a happy home I have to put summer effort into making sure our lawn can withstand the heat of summer. As you well know a homeowner’s yard is an extension of their house. Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is not a difficult or tedious task, but it does require some care so I’m always looking for easy tips to get around having to do a ton of yard work…especially in this heat.

July 06 / 2012

Happy Independence Day!

While the calendar says July 4th, we know it truly is Independence Day. It’s a national holiday that oozes with patriotic pride and the taste of a backyard barbecue. We think of holidays at home being focused on Christmas or Thanksgiving, but for me July 4th is one of those holidays too.

The Essential Summer 2012 Playlist

Music makes everything better. Think back to all of the quintessential and anthemic songs that accompany the biggest events in our lives like weddings, graduations and birthday celebrations. We perform better at the gym when we’ve got some tunes playing and movies would make little sense without their music scores. (Click here to see a [...]

4 Homes with a Breeze to Beat the Summer Heat

If you are one of the 50 million Americans currently embroiled in the heat wave, we feel for you. And don’t worry, those of us on the East Coast are supposed to join the fun tomorrow!

Is your pool ready for summer?

Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! In areas of the country where temperatures climb during the summer, having a swimming pool can be a blessing and a great place to spend warm days. It can also be [...]

June 27 / 2012