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Being Home for Halloween

While Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays are often the celebrations most synonymous with being home, it’s actually Halloween that deserves the most credit. There’s no other day when random, crazy-looking people visit your front door and you open it without question bearing gifts for their enjoyment. And “being home” is the central part of Halloween.

October 30 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Here’s to Halloween and the Place We Call Home

The doorbell to your home is used more on October 31st than potentially any other day of the year. It’s Halloween and there’s arguably no holiday where home plays a bigger role.

October 31 / 2012

The Ultimate Halloween Candy

The people have spoken and the winning candy is…

October 30 / 2012

Home Sweet Home Halloween Candy Battle: Final Round

Our confectionery competition has reached the final round and on Monday we will announce which Halloween candy reigns supreme as the people’s choice!

October 26 / 2012

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle (Final Four)

October is flying faster than a witch on a broom and we have already reached our 3rd round of the Halloween candy battle. (Click for Round One & Two) All of the sweet candies, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Mike & Ike, Pop Rocks, Nerds, and Jolly Ranchers, have been knocked out and only chocolate ones remain but which will reign supreme as the ultimate people’s choice? You will soon find out but until then help us decide which two deserve a spot at the final face off.

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle (Elite Eight)

In case you missed round one, we thought it would be fun to poll our readers  to find out what the ultimate Halloween candy is. The goal of this is to provide home owners with the need to know information on how to be the coolest house on the block for trick or treaters. In [...]

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle Royale Round 1

I think iit’s safe to say every homeowner remembers their first Halloween at their home.Having Trick or Treaters is like a home ownership rite of passage. After having a self debate in the candy aisle about how many Trick or Treaters will actually come and how much of the candy you will end up sneaking before the 31st, the next most important decision is what sweet treat to actually give out.

Our Favorite Spooky Cities

Imagine if people associated your hometown with Halloween all year long? With a little Halloween homework, we came up with a list of the best spooky cities to live, and rated them by median price. Some of these names are “killer,” and many of their home prices are even better.

October 26 / 2010