I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, and it is like a candy store filled with scrumptious tech goodness. On my flight out to Vegas, I sat next to a guy who worked for a prestigious tech company and when I told him I worked for Coldwell Banker he remarked, “A real estate company at CES? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.”

IMAG0100 300x200 The Future of Technology is at Home

Skype on an upcoming Samsung TV

My response to him was that Coldwell Banker has always been a company built on innovation and serving it’s customer to the best of its ability. So if there’s a conference where we can learn about how consumers are going to use the latest technology to go about their daily lives, why shouldn’t a real estate brand like Coldwell Banker be there?

He smiled and replied, “You’re absolutely, right.”

What I didn’t realize at the time of my conversation was just how big a role real estate, and specifically a home, will play in the future of technology. Sure there’s all this talk about the mobile consumer, 4G networks with blazing data downloads and Internet access from the most remote locations. But after experiencing CES in person, the home is the ultimate technology playground.

Everywhere you looked on the CES trade show floor was something that affected how you work, live and play within your home and I won’t even hit on all the 3D TVs.  The way that technology is moving towards more of a universal ecosystem where devices can talk to each other is a perfect application to tech in the home.

Verizon to me is a perfect example of this. So for instance I have Verzion Wireless with a Droid phone, FiOS TV & Internet service, and a Verizon home phone. Through Verizon I can control my FiOS DVR from my Droid or iPad to record shows or clear out all those unneeded episodes of Caillou. On Sunday, I can watch the football game on TV and stream the Red Zone channel on my iPad while using the TV remote app on my phone.

The possibilities are truly endless. Besides Verizon, CES had a number of vendors and products that touted everything from using phones to monitor your home’s security and setting while away to a refrigerator that worked as an internet hub and energy control center for your home to connected TVs that can be a video call center & desktop computer replacement.

With more and more consumers starting their search for a home at home, you can be sure that Coldwell Banker will continue to look for ways to innovate on behalf of the consumer.

I think you can honestly say that home is where the tech is.