2071303135 06321d0bcb 214x300 The Home Alone Home – I’m 6 Years Old All Over Again

Picture from Flickr user s_herman

At the risk of sounding like a movie nerd, I watch a LOT of movies…probably more than I care to admit without otherwise writing under an assumed name. I’m not entirely sure how many theatres I’ve been to or how many bad made for TV movies with Hulk Hogan I’ve watched at home on my couch. In a culture that produces thousands of movies that generate billions in revenue, how many do you really remember? I mean…like really remember?

There doesn’t seem to be a science to it but every once in a while a movie comes along that transcends time and film as a medium and becomes iconic as cultural phenomena; a part of pop culture so to speak. When we go back and reminisce or watch these “classics” we are almost always brought right back to a specific time and place. Old memories come rushing back to us. We remember exactly what we wore the night we saw the movie and we usually remember who we saw the movie with. These types of films freeze time so to speak.

I drove to work the other day and became 6 all over again…

For the first time since it “starred” in the iconic and classic film, Home Alone, the red-brick colonial Georgian that the “McCallister’s” had called home in the 1990 film was about to be placed on the market! And our Chicago based Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office had secured the listing!

Seeing how Home Alone is probably my favorite movie of all time… I fought the urge to yell: KEVIN! in the middle of the call (would not have been the best career move)

I think what makes Home Alone so revered and loved is that it’s a comedic look at family, time together, home and the holidays. Aren’t our homes almost as much a part of the “family” as anything? At the end of a long hard week of work; what’s better than time spent home with family and friends…especially around the holidays?

Looking back on the pictures on the micro-site we created for the home; of the staircase where Kevin McCallister threw the paint cans at the Wet Bandits, of the large island in the kitchen where the entire McCallister clan came together to share cheese pizzas the day before leaving to Paris, to Buzz’s bedroom where Kevin climbed up and destroyed the shelf with the tarantula in it…you think back to all of the most memorable parts of the movie and they mostly all involve the home. Over 20 years later, the home is as beautiful as it was when Kevin was left Home Alone.

The reason why I watch Home Alone every Christmas and whenever it comes on HBO is because I think it brings me right back to my best childhood memories. It reminds me of my old home growing up… of all of the comedic craziness in a house with way too many family members over for Christmas dinner and of funny pranks I’d try to play on my brothers. It brings back all of those sight and smells and feelings and above all else..it reminds me of home.

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