Safety is a priority of any homeowner. Whether you have a security system or one of those wooden bars to go behind a sliding glass door, chances are you want to protect the stuff in your home. Now Döttling takes home security to a whole new level with its new safe, The Fortress.

Aptly named, The Fortress is being touted as the safest safe ever created. Ethan Hunt, James Bond and Catwoman combined couldn’t crack this sucker. How confident is Döttling in their safe? Well they say it can be certified for insurance coverage up to $1 million.

The Fortress can connect to an alarm system including a “silent alarm” function. The safe includes eight watch winders which offers an infinite amount of combinations to try and crack it. Inside the safe is a humidor in case cigars are your most prized possessions or you just like your jewelry at a certain temperature. The electronic humidifying system is partnered with a hygrometer and a barometer to offer most climate control than Al Gore can ever imagine.

So if you have some gold bricks in your basement or a miniature Monet that needs protection, I highly recommend you check out what the folks at Döttling have to offer.