I’m on a plane , on my way back from a great conference in Denver where I got to speak with a few hundred Coldwell Banker real estate agents and managers about some of the new platforms we are working on for 2011, including video, iPad and advanced real estate search.

trust agent cover Trust Who?So I’m settling in and reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (I highly recommend it).  The book is about how to use the web and social media to build relationships based on trust that can help you in your career and business.  I’m also listening to my iPod (old school, 2005, 60 GB, pre-video, ½” thick like a deck of cards warhorse I’ve had for over 5 years) and then….well, let me set the stage.

I’m reading the book knowing that this just has to apply to real estate and that our agents should all read this because the discussion and recommendations are spot on.  Then I get to page 266 and there is a section on Trust Agents for Real Estate.  At that very moment, the Who’s Quadrophenia comes on shuffle.

1562571040 32650d8ce9 b 300x225 Trust Who?

For me, that is an epiphany.  You see, that instrumental is one of the greatest pieces of music of all time for Drama.  I tried to use it for a Nissan Murano launch TV commercial a while back when I worked there because it synced up great with the slow reveal of the new sheet metal.  Unfortunately, we went with a song that the head of sales’ daughter was listening to on her iPod.  Ugh.  But that’s a tale for another day…

So the music is dramatic, and I’m reading this and sure enough, POW!  It all comes together.  I’ve been talking trust for a while now, Chris and Julien nailed it and then, in the section added in 2010, they talk about how Toyota was able to keep the trust of their owners despite the huge recall issues…which was also the subject of a past “trust” blog here.  So I immediately bring out my laptop and start writing down this blog.

So I’m all pumped up but now I worry that many agents might be violating that trust.  You see, Realtor.com released a widget that allows agents to post their listings on their Facebook page, taking a social space that should be used to establish relationships and trust with people in their community and walking toward the electric fence of straight commerce on Facebook.  Ugh x 2.  It’s so tempting for them, but  I guess I believe people should sell themselves on Facebook.  That builds trust…

Book Cover from trustagents.com; Flickr photo by  tylernol