They’ve always looked glamorous, those outdoor showers you see on television in the homes of the rich and famous. Yet, many people have never considered outdoor shower ideas as a way to add value to their lives and their real estate. Dallas, with its hot summers and mild winters, has the perfect environment for outdoor shower setups that you can take advantage of year-round. Here are three unique designs that would fit Dallas residents like a glove.

Limestone Walls

Truly a Texas outdoor shower idea, limestone is an abundant resource in the state. A limestone-walled shower would blend in with the building materials of the area and become a natural extension of a home. Like its slate counterpart, the walls offer much needed privacy from your neighbors and the busy world around you.

Mosaic Tile

Sharing a border with Mexico has brought a unique flair to many parts of Texas. Why not look to the rich and vibrant culture of your southern neighbor for outdoor shower ideas? A mosaic tiled outdoor shower is a great way to brighten up your yard and your life. Create just one tiled wall on which to hang your shower head or build a fortress of tile around you. The tiles will provide a pop of color and a moment of relaxation.

Rustic Roots

Sometimes living in the big city requires new ways to bring nature to you. An outdoor shower can embrace nature and the state’s historic past. Celebrate Dallas’ Old West roots and bring nature to you with natural materials and rustic design. You can even hang the classic Texas tin star.

Growing Trend

It’s no wonder that outdoor shower ideas are becoming a growing trend. It’s more common now than ever to see people embracing the fun and functional outdoor shower, something to enjoy that is actually going to add value to your home. With so much time spent inside at computers and in front of television screens, it’s an easy way to find a few minutes to commune with nature. It’s also a convenient way to rinse off and go if you are spending time in your yard, sauna, or pool.

Outdoor showers no longer resemble those found at campgrounds and summer getaways. They are now sleek and stylish additions to your home. An increasingly hot trend, the possibilities are endless for creating your own unique outdoor shower ideas. With a small amount of space and a lot of creativity, you can create your own outdoor space that is both functional and relaxing.