Last week I railed against some of our competitors using unqualified claims in their marketing to consumers and other agents.  One such claim was “the No. 1 real estate company on Twitter and Facebook” on a widely circulated video…no source or disclaimer provided.

So, someone online called them on it and they responded by referencing  a score on a site called   Appears they had a score of 43 vs our 42.  Seems legit, right?  Beat us by one.

Unfortunately, this score changes daily/weekly, and they didn’t really tell anyone that…which makes it hard for them to put that claim in a video and post it to YouTube and truly be legit…  Because, you see, today, my great brand has a score of  49 vs their score of 43.

Who has the world’s best cup of coffee now???  Well, today, we do.  But tomorrow it might change.

So, I say it again… (home) buyer (and seller) beware!  Make sure you know how claims are made before making one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life!

Trust your Brand!