Welcome to the premiere episode of the World’s Most Expensive Homes presented by Coldwell Banker Real Estate. This is an all access look at some of the amazing properties across the globe that are listed by Coldwell Banker Previews International agents.

In this first episode we take you down to Miami Beach, Florida and inside one of the most expensive homes in the world: Casa Casuarina.

casacasuarina Worlds Most Expensive Homes   Episode 1: Casa Casuarina

Formerly known as the Versace Mansion, this incredibly ornate home is an entertainer’s dream. Exclusively listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate mega agents, Jill Eber & Jill Hertzberg, who are more prominently known as The Jills, we give you a unique look inside a home that will command a price never before seen in Miami Beach.

You won’t believe the amount of detail and ornateness that went into this home. It’s part art and part luxury living. All set against the gorgeous backdrop of Miami Beach.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this premiere episode of the World’s Most Expensive Homes.