Many Las Vegas residents already know that buying and selling a property in this town can be as wild an experience as any night out on the famed Strip. Fortunately, your licensed Las Vegas real estate agent is educated, experienced, and equipped to help you weather all the market specific conditions. Las Vegas is a unique city and your Las Vegas real estate agent provides unique advantages for your home purchase or sale.

What Happens in Vegas Returns to Vegas

According to the LVCVA, some 35-45 million visitors land at McCarran Airport each year and another several million enter by car from California and Arizona. Despite economic ups and downs, tourism keeps a steady pace to drive the economy. This in turn leads to more jobs and the need for more housing.

An Investor’s Paradise

A licensed professional knows the history of shifting market trends in the Las Vegas Valley and knows how to position your purchase or sale accordingly. Like the gamblers who flock here, Las Vegas real estate can hit tremendous highs and lows. While the dips attract investors, the resulting competition in the market can wreak havoc for average buyers and sellers.

How can home buyers compete with investors that dive in with both feet and offer all cash? How can home sellers properly sift through multiple offers? With the help of a trained professional you can succeed in achieving your real estate goals.

What You Need to Know

Short sales, shadow inventory, REOs (real estate owned, meaning owned by the lender) are just a few of the terms you may hear when researching the Las Vegas real estate market. But what do they mean for buyers and sellers? GLVAR (Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors) and other exclusive resources provide your real estate agent with up-to-date resources, enabling him or her to price and position properties for sale to the best advantage and effectively negotiate purchases.

Think You Know Vegas?

Even long time residents aren’t likely to know the name of each and every sub-division, the various details and idiosyncrasies associated with them, or the current sales data for a given zip code. The MLS, inspection requirements, and codes all require the knowledge of a local professional. A comprehensive background in all proper legal practices and documentation is also particularly important in a state where, unlike some other states, no real estate attorney involvement is required for a real estate transaction. In addition, your licensed Las Vegas real estate agent has relationships with lenders and escrow officers to facilitate your process.

Who Else Has “Got Your Back”?

When making what will arguably be one of, if not the most important purchases or sales in your life, how could you not want someone in your corner? Like every spin of the roulette wheel, buying or selling Las Vegas real estate can have many outcomes besides the one you wish. Only with the guidance and assistance of a trusted professional can you keep the odds firmly in your favor.