3 Ways to Integrate your Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces with Windows


Andersen Windows explains how both indoor and outdoor spaces of a home can mirror each other effortlessly.


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Homeowners today give as much time, money, and attention to the outdoor spaces of their home as they do their home’s interiors. From entertaining to cooking, playing to (thank you, WiFi) working, the two spaces can mirror each other effortlessly. Your windows and doors play an important part in reinforcing those connections and can work in homes new and old. Here are a few considerations for how to integrate your home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces:

The view – from both sides
Standing inside your home, the views framed by your windows and patio doors are a big part of what will draw people outdoors. Take a moment to consider what they could see from the other side, looking in. What visual points of interest would be captured?

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Aluminum wood Liftslides, corner. Patented flush drainage track. Photo: Vance Fox. In-house print, web. No third-party use. Photographer must be cited

Photo by Vance Fox.

Where will the spaces connect?
While doors offer the most logical connection points, consider how a wall of windows or patio doors would instantly erase a visual barrier between the two rooms…making them a single, expansive space.

Weiland Pivot Door

Weiland Pivot Door by Andersen Windows

How does this reflect my home’s style?
Many homeowners assume that indoor and outdoor living spaces are a modern development. History shows, though, how some homes had separate functioning spaces to use in specific seasons – such as a summer kitchen that wouldn’t pump heat throughout the main house. Whether building something new to reflect a traditional look and feel, or considering improvements on an existing home, tools like the Andersen Home Style Guide Pattern Books can offer ideas to create these connections while honoring the style principles.

Upper Story: Andersen A-Series Casement windows with Specified Equal Light Grille pattern (2Wx2T) with Black exteriors. Main Level: Andersen A-Series Double-Hung windows with Specified Equal Light Grille pattern (2Wx1T upper sash only) in Black exteriors. A-Series Frenchwood Hinged Inswing patio door with Albany hardware style in Black finish in Black exterior. New Residential Construction Home Style Farm House

Creating an outdoor living space is easier than ever today, thanks to homeowners’ renewed interests in making the most of their time at home. With a little time spent planning and thinking through the relationship between your indoors and outdoors, you can transform the space into a seamless experience.

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