Articles by Sharon Lee

NBC Open House – Successful Young Leaders...

To be successful in real estate, it takes talent, the ability to connect with your clients, and patience.

Real Estate Redefined – Coldwell Banker on...

Learn what it takes to make it in real estate and check out homes that will take your breath away.

Moving a Closet: Pack & Unpack in 3 Stages

New home, new living…new wardrobe? Nope! A slimmer, newly organized closet.

Smart Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your House

Upgrading your home with smart devices no longer an option — it's a must.

A Guide to Fertilizing and Mulching

Fertilizing infuses vital nutrients and mulching adds essential natural elements back to the soil.

How to Captivate Home Buyers by Capturing a Hotel...

To get that hotel vibe, focus on these areas of your home.
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